3. When we are discouraged – Luke 5: 1 – 11

What the Lord wants to tell us ….
When we are discouraged

Luke 5: 1 – 11

What are the principle causes of discouragement? Both lengthy and brief situations can provoke dejection. Can you think of examples of both? What are some of the causes of depression? Can you think of a situation in which the effort and attention you invested didn’t produce the results you hoped for?

v. 1 -2 This episode takes place at the beginning of the Lord’s ministry. What is the setting? What two different groups are the main actors in this story? What was the focus of interest for each group? Image the scene. What is the difference in the” emotions” of these two groups? Compare verses 1 and 5. How would you have felt in Peter’s shoes?

v. 3 Jesus decides to talk to the multitudes from a different podium. What does he resort to using? To whom did the boat belong? What other name did Jesus later give to this fisherman?
Note: This isn’t the first encounter of Jesus with Simon, but it is here where Simon changes from a follower to a disciple. One can only ponder this incident’s powerful and life-changing impact when we read at the end, “Leaving everything, they followed Jesus”!

v. 4 – 5a What would Peter be doing while Jesus was teaching? What does the Lord decide to do after concluding his teachings? What does the Lord tell them to do? How does Peter respond to Jesus? What do you think Peter was feeling? Remember he was the expert in fishing, while the Lord was a carpenter. What might have been passing through the mind of Peter? In Peter we find our own humanity reflected. When God talks to us, our tendency is to object.

v. 5b In spite of his objection, what does Peter decide to do and why does he do it? Do you see an act of faith on Peter’s part? His behaviour reminds us that many times, a step of faith and obedience to the Lord develops in the midst of many hesitations and counter arguments. What can we learn from Peter here?

v. 6- 7 What was the result of the catch? The blessings caused some difficulties. What were they?

v. 8 – 11 What impact did the Lord’s miracle have? How did Peter react to it? What provoked such behaviour? What was it that made Peter recognize that he was a sinner? As we mentioned before, it was from this point onwards that the Lord’s disciples left their fishing nets to become fishers of men. What lesson was the Lord trying to teach them?

What about us? When we’re “washing our nets” of discouragement, where is Jesus? What does he invite us to? What would be the grounds for us to try again? How is the Lord going to act? Will we be willing to surrender ourselves to the Lord? What is the formula for turning a failure into personal triumph?

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