Get Involved

We can do it!How to get involved with WakeUp Deborah

By creating a prayer group.

We believe that the success of this vision will be achieved through the multiplication of prayer cells. Each group can develop their own strategies, frequency, and format for prayer meetings, etc. Anyone can do this. Yet, we can do it better together! Please review the following steps so that we can strengthen our ties and build our vision together:

  • Communicate with those responsible for WakeUp Deborah. You can do this by:
    • Email using the "contact us"
    • Registering on the website
    • Phone: WakeUp Deborah +1-778-240-4492
    1. Look over some of the WuD resources:
    1. Complete the leaders application form for coordinating a WuD group

    By attending an event or WuD group.


    • Contact us using the "contact us" form and if we know of a WD group in your city, we will try to get you connected.

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