Introduction – Let Him In


Let Him In – Twelve studies for praying mums

Silvia Brynjolfson
Translated by Irene Raymond


Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter in, and dine with him and he with me.

The goal of Wake up Deborah is to challenge and encourage mothers to pray daily for their children.  I don’t believe that there exists in all the Bible a better passage which illustrates the significance of prayer than the passage above from Revelation.  Praying is permitting Jesus to enter our hearts.  Let’s look at the illustration well.  It’s not our prayers that bring us closer to Jesus or put him into action.  It’s Jesus who moves us to pray.  He knocks.  Our pleas are the door through which we give him Access to our burdens. 

Once Jesus enters into us through prayer, he takes an interest in our necessities and puts his power and infinite resources at our disposition.  Can you imagine the impact the torrent of blessings has on the lives of our loved ones?  That’s why we proclaim that there is power in mothers’ prayers for their children, since there is no one who prays like a mother prays.
Now, let’s consider this illustration of Jesus in more detail.  How do you think our illustrious visitor would feel if once we invite him in and offer him a chair, we pour out a torrent of problems and requests, but, suddenly we leave running because other events demand our attention?  Has anyone ever done that to you?  How did you feel?

It’s true that Jesus is interested in everything that we share with him.  But he is a friend; he would love to express his opinion and give advice.  This is the fundamental reason that these studies have been created.  If a friend the stature of Jesus bothers to come, knock on the door, listen to us and offer us help, wouldn’t you ask for advice?  Wouldn’t you have the courtesy to listen to him?

That’s why in Wake up Deborah we not only want to encourage mothers to pray, but also to listen to and get to know Jesus.  In doing that, we can’t help but observe habits, attitudes and weaknesses that we need to change to be better people and better mothers.  The amazing thing  is that in our distinguished guest we find the power and the grace to be able to achieve or change whatever he points out to us.  In our prayer he extends his hand and takes ours to begin a new journey.

Some other explanatory words:  the studies have been organized  following the events in the life of Jesus as they happened chronologically.


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