Four fourndersThe Origins of WakeUp Deborah in Canada

In November 2009 Silvia Brynjolfson attended the Latin American Regional Conference of Youth for Christ in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on behalf of the Board of Youth For Christ Canada. While there she met the leaders WakeUp Deborah of Brazil and was impacted by the size and scope of the work they are doing. At the conclusion of the conference Silvia felt a challenge from God to start WakeUp Deborah in Canada.

On her return she discussed this new burden, first with her husband Rob and then Dave Brereton, the National Director of Youth for Christ Canada, and his wife Katy. All three expressed their strong support and enthusiasm.

The natural link for Silvia, who is from Argentina and enjoys extensive experience in the Hispanic community in Vancouver, was to begin WakeUp Deborah among Latinos and then try to expand it into English and other ethnic groups. Soon after she shared her vision with various friends and mothers, and challenged them to commit to pray for their children, and be a part of the start up team. In January 2010 the group formed by: Ingrid Guerrero (Costa Rica), Inés Montoya (Colombia), Irene Raymond of the (United States) and Silvia, met for the first time to pray, plan and explore ideas together.

The first two WakeUp Deborah meetings in Vancouver, took place in Burnaby and Surrey. All the participants expressed a keen desire to continue with the vision. Now there will be further coordinating in smaller groups. In 2011 through the Youth for Christ community and through other contacts the movement began to take root in English in different locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec and British Columbia. Simultaneously, by sharing electronic resources links were established with Hispanics in Cuba, Holland and elsewhere.

The multicultural identity of Vancouver facilitated contact with mothers of other ethnic groups. The first to join WakeUp Deborah were Chinese and Iranian mothers. Both have the vision to reach their own people and countries of origins using WakeUp Deborah. We hope that this work will continue spreading beyond Canada's borders by attracting other ethnic groups, and growing through their own affinitive relationships.

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