Support Wakeup Deborah

Support WakeUp Deborah

You can support
and receive a tax credit receipt
through Youth for Christ, Canada.

Support WakeUp Deborah:

  • Please clearly indicate your donation is for the ministry of WakeUp Deborah
1. Sending Donation by mail

Make cheques payable to “Youth For Christ, Canada”, and send to:
Box 93008; #135 -19705 Fraser Hwy.
Langley, BC V3A 8H2

Add a note to ensure your gift is directed to WakeUp Deobrah.

2. Making donation by VISA or MasterCard (click here)

Call 1-800-899-9322 OR 604-595-2498 for more information.

3. Making a donation (one-time or recurrent) through (click here)


4. Making monthly automatic withdrawal donations

Send in a “void” cheque, with an accompanying note, stating how much you would like withdrawn on the 1st or the 16th of the month.

Donations to individual Chapters can be made by going to “Chapter Links”for address and phone number information.


5. Tax Smart Giving

Below are various options available to maximize your personal tax position while still assisting Youth for Christ in helping our nation’s youth. There are other options not posted on this web site. If you have any questions or inquiries, please direct them to: Gary MacDonald, Director of Partnership Communications for YFC/ Canada.613.849.0088 Email


We want to build a network of women who pray their children, and support each other. Become a part of this vision by joining us and supporting this ministry!

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